When developing heavy program under any platform you will notice that the program requires a lot of time to start. So what the programmers are doing is that they introduce a screen just before displaying the Main Form which indicates you have started the program and it is loading. So to have modern look and to indicate the user that the program is being loaded we must include Splash Screen in our programs. Designing the Splash Screen is an easy task and requires very little skill.

Designing a Splash Screens

Generally a Splash Screen includes Image/Logo that resembles your program. The Splash Screen is generally displayed on the centre of the Screen. So when you have started designing the Splash Screen. Set the properties of the Splash Screen Form as given below



·StartUpPosition: 2 – Centre Screen

·BorderStyle: None

·ShowInTaskbar: False

Now to add a Image/Logo on the Splash Screen drag a Image Control on to the Screen. You may use a PictureBox to do the same. But the Stretching property will not be allowed in PictureBox. Here I used a Image Control and set the properties to…



·Picture: Put the path of your Logo/Image

·Stretch: True

Now add the label displaying the name of your program and your identity and assign the colors and fonts as your require. Now the main phase of designing the Splash Screen comes in.

As till now your designing part is completed. Now take the Timer Control and place it on your form. Place it anywhere on your form as it will not be displayed at run time. Decide the time for which you want the user to view your splash screen. If you will be adding a progress bar then close splash screen as soon as the entire program loading process is completed. Set the timer Interval to about 1000 seconds. At the Timer event (i.e Timer1_Timer) of your Timer add the following code which will unload the splash screen and then display the Main Form(Named as frmMain.frm).

Private Sub Timer1_Timer()

Unload Me ‘Unload the Splash Form

frmMain.Show ‘Load the Main Form

End Sub

Also don’t forget to set Splash Screen Form (frmSplashScreen.frm) as your startup form in your project properties. After you have done all with this run your program and watch the difference you get. In later section I will discuss how to add a progress bar effect on the SplashScreen. Do post comments and your designed screens.s