Paryushan : The festival of non-violence



Today, I am writing something religious for the first time on this blog of mine. If you don’t like reading religious stuff then please stop here.

Paryushan, the most important festival of Jainism begins today. During this festival we refrain from eating any kind of green vegetable, avoid eating or drinking after sunset and do lots of other religious activities for the next 8 days.

But, What can you do?
– go veggie for next 8 days
– observe non-violence
– be thankful to your parents for such a wonderful life given to you (if away call them)
– donate
– stop being angry on anyone
– stop smoking, go non-alcoholic
– call up your enemy/friends and say sorry (michami dukdam) for all your deeds that may have hurt them.

Apart from all this you have to be good and responsible human being, that’s it.

P.S.: Blogging from iPhone on my way back to home.


Advice on being a good programmer…



Here are few stuff that I feel you need to follow/know to be good programmer irrespective of the language you are learning.

  1. Learn basics, avoid use of frameworks at initial stage, start small and then build upon it.
  2. Help yourself (Solve your own problems), if difficult discuss your problem but don’t copy, instead learn from discussion and implement it yourself.
  3. Read experts articles, look back on your code and make necessary improvements.
  4. Freelance. Say yes to any project that connects you to real business world. Programming for self and programming for client can be completely different, experience this difference at early stage.
  5. Be a domain expert, being master of one is excellent!!!.
  6. Connect with developers @ GitHub, BitBucket, Twitter, Facebook, follow them, learn from them and most importantly don’t hesitate to ask them.
  7. Take a break, give yourself some room to breath and re-energize yourself to code better. I have found that time restriction coding results in better efficiency

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CSSWarp: Awesome CSS3 Text to Path Generator


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CSSWarp is super simple curve text generator. Start with adding your text, then select your desired curve shape (circular, waves, custom), select font of your choice (list also includes Google fonts) and then it’s done. It’s simple four step process which generates HTML, CSS3 code for you in just few clicks.

CSSWarp Curve text

I generated one for me. 🙂

Generated css code runs well on most of the modern browser (including IE9).

Go, give it a try.

New Addition To My CSS3 Toolbox :


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As a web designer and developer I write lot of css, Javascript, HTML code every day. Currently problem with css is that to achieve same output across all browser you end up using lot of non-standard browser specific css code (specially for old version).  This non-standard browser specific css code snippets are really hard to remember and thus consumes lot of time to find the correct syntax for every css property. One saver to it is but somehow I find it hard to include into my workflow.

Today I came across new cross browser CSS tool called released by nettuts. Prefixr generates all cross browser CSS code (including IE, Opera :-o) once you give it the standard css code. Try it’s online tool, its awesome It also has an API exposed to users.


My favourite text editor TextMate (mac) can be easily configured to use Prefixr API. As Prefixr is still in Alpha stage, it still has some bugs but it will be great more powerful once it is fully our of alpha/beta stage.

5 Reason Why I am Bored of jQuery


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After working with jQuery for more than 3 years and achieving tight grip on this super awesome Javascript framework, today I feel that I am bored of it. Why?

  1. Nothing interesting/useful comes up with every release of jQuery.
  2. jQuery is oversized!! Looks like a tightly bound monolithic library, which is past.  ( it takes up around 31KB , 😮 for jQuery 1.6.2).
  3. It’s not unique if you say you know/use jQuery. Really, you don’t get any extra points if you use jQuery.
  4. It keeps everyone away from Javascript – The Real King. Everyone knows jQuery, but many aren’t aware of basic plain Javascript, that’s bad!! . x(
  5. Obsessed with it!  Yes, because I am constantly using jQuery in all my projects I am bored of it.

Although I am bored, I will (or say I have to) continue using it…

Awaiting, more light weight, feature rich module based framework.

Create Shapes Using CSS


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CSS have an awesome tutorial on creating geometrical shapes using a single HTML element and few lines of CSS.

Infinity Symbol Generated Using CSS

Although, tutorial uses the capabilities of CSS to its max, but I don’t find any practical use of such CSS shapes due to inconsistency in browser. I won’t be using this trick for any practical application but I learned a lot more about CSS by going through this tutorial.