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As a web designer and developer I write lot of css, Javascript, HTML code every day. Currently problem with css is that to achieve same output across all browser you end up using lot of non-standard browser specific css code (specially for old version).  This non-standard browser specific css code snippets are really hard to remember and thus consumes lot of time to find the correct syntax for every css property. One saver to it is CSS3please.com but somehow I find it hard to include CSS3please.com into my workflow.

Today I came across new cross browser CSS tool called Prefixr.com released by nettuts. Prefixr generates all cross browser CSS code (including IE, Opera :-o) once you give it the standard css code. Try it’s online tool, its awesome It also has an API exposed to users.


My favourite text editor TextMate (mac) can be easily configured to use Prefixr API. As Prefixr is still in Alpha stage, it still has some bugs but it will be great more powerful once it is fully our of alpha/beta stage.