Today, I am writing something religious for the first time on this blog of mine. If you don’t like reading religious stuff then please stop here.

Paryushan, the most important festival of Jainism begins today. During this festival we refrain from eating any kind of green vegetable, avoid eating or drinking after sunset and do lots of other religious activities for the next 8 days.

But, What can you do?
– go veggie for next 8 days
– observe non-violence
– be thankful to your parents for such a wonderful life given to you (if away call them)
– donate
– stop being angry on anyone
– stop smoking, go non-alcoholic
– call up your enemy/friends and say sorry (michami dukdam) for all your deeds that may have hurt them.

Apart from all this you have to be good and responsible human being, that’s it.

P.S.: Blogging from iPhone on my way back to home.