25 Before 25

  1. Own a business
  2. Go on trip with no predetermined destination
  3. Pile up huge assets
  4. Organize school re-union
  5. Create a super awesome web app.
  6. Write a book. (a small one)
  7. Help someone getting job.
  8. Go to extreme South.
  9. Attend web development conference.
  10. Get my portfolio done.
  11. Read atleast 10 books.
  12. Learn to play any one music Instrument.
  13. Learn a song other than “Sach keh raha hai deewana” and “Kaise batayein kyun tujhko”.
  14. Drive car on express way.
  15. Get awarded!!
  16. Help someone fullfill his/her dream.
  17. Go for movie marathon (atleast 5 movies)
  18. Spend whole night sitting on terrace starring those shining stars and talking.
  19. Stop social networking for a month.
  20. Watch first day first show.
  21. Learn to dance. 😮
  22. Get interior done for my room.
  23. Educate someone!!!
  24. Live in another city for a month.
  25. Write 30 before 30.

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