Hi. My name is Sandeep. I code software, design websites and enthusiast about life.

I eat food.
I sleep.
I make pretty websites.
I drink lots of water.
I am an Indian.
I can speak Japanese.
I talk to people.
I believe in Life.
I write stuff.
I take photographs.
I have a laughing addiction.
I am human.

My web presence…
Website: http://www.jsvrocks.com
Web Project: http://bestsplendid.com
Personal Blog: https://samideas.wordpress.com
TumbleLog: http://tumblr.jsvrocks.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/sandeepjain

I’ll put up a super crazy-awesome (auto)biography of myself soon, when I get the chance. But it will be choppy, as above.

Until then,

Sandeep Jain


9 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey sandeep nice articles, was wondering if we could share link backs.

    Let me know.


  2. Sure Why not!

  3. Hi Sam , i want a little advice from you . My Summer holidays are starting from May 20 and they will be for 2 months . I am interested in learning some new languages and making a good project that can be included in my Resume . Please suggest which languages should i go for . Most of my friends are going for .net . Is it really helpful . And for making a good software project , what should i need to learn .

  4. perfect site good information, very nice news and etc… tnx

  5. perfect site good information, very nice news and etc… tnx

  6. thank you for your work

  7. Great job guys…

  8. beautiful online information center. greatest work… thanks

  9. hi sam….i need a program in vb6 for reading data from gps in vb6….could u please help me

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