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After working with jQuery for more than 3 years and achieving tight grip on this super awesome Javascript framework, today I feel that I am bored of it. Why?

  1. Nothing interesting/useful comes up with every release of jQuery.
  2. jQuery is oversized!! Looks like a tightly bound monolithic library, which is past.  ( it takes up around 31KB , 😮 for jQuery 1.6.2).
  3. It’s not unique if you say you know/use jQuery. Really, you don’t get any extra points if you use jQuery.
  4. It keeps everyone away from Javascript – The Real King. Everyone knows jQuery, but many aren’t aware of basic plain Javascript, that’s bad!! . x(
  5. Obsessed with it!  Yes, because I am constantly using jQuery in all my projects I am bored of it.

Although I am bored, I will (or say I have to) continue using it…

Awaiting, more light weight, feature rich module based framework.