22 years ago, God gifted my Mom and Dad with a sweet baby boy, or shall I say that me with loving parents (I would prefer to say second statement). At that time, I was in hands of my parents, living the best moment of my life and now I am some 4000 miles away fighting with my career goal. At that time there were many people around to kiss me and pull my cheeks and today there is no one here to even hold my hand. Oh! I really forgot, I have some stupid, completely different, intelligent and lovely friends here in Tokyo who are best example “Friend in need is Friend Indeed”.

22 years ago I cried first time and again today with a cry of joy I wish myself “Happy Birthday” with the quote:

And in the end, it’s not only the past that count, but also the future that is about to come.

and an image that simply shows that a few pieces have gone but a long drive is still remaining..

Lastly, Thanks to all of you who made my 22 years of life, worth living.

Just before I was about to post this, my friend “Aniket” gifted me with a image saying Happy Birthday..Here it is.