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Are you suffering from the habit of procrastination?

Are you suffering from the habit of procrastination?

I am very lazy person and thus as always I postpone the most important task. This habit, actually created lot of problem in life like missing some important submission dates, missed some application dates and lot more.

In my shoot for eliminating this habit, I came across wonderful article Dead Simple Guide to Beat Procrastination. As the name suggest, tips are really simple (hard to follow)…but once you follow it step by step then you will really succeed in beating procrastination.

In my case what I did was…

  • I first made firm decision to began my task asap.
  • Then, I promised to myself that I won’t access twitter, till I spend around 15 minutes on the task.
  • After 15 min I rewarded myself with access to Internet (i.e. to Social Networking world…wow) for 10 minutes
  • Then I got away from the fun stuff, to complete previously left incomplete task…
  • This time I worked on it till I finished it.
  • Wow…the moment I finished it…i was overjoyed. Wow…from now onwards I will follow this same pattern to complete any of my task and get rid of the huge entries in “To Do List”.

Sometimes, if nothing works for me or I am stuck somewhere in the middle, then as the author Leo Babauta suggest

If all else fails, just take a nap or go outside and enjoy the outdoors or do nothing. Life isn’t all about productivity.

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