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Twitter LogoBio, a short space on Twitter Profile, which asks you to describe yourself in very few characters. Many people keep there Bio blank and some of them fill it with there interests or professional qualification or with job profiles.

But, here I found three users, who have a wonderful Bio written on their Twitter Profile.

@rmilana Bio: a tiny piece of a rainbow that standout to decorate this big and worn-out world (^_^)

@radmul Bio: If I could sum up my life in one line I would die of embarassment.

@tam007 Bio: Another Human to the World, Indian to the Nation, Tamilan to the State, Child to my Parents, Friend to my Friends, Employee to the Company. Useful to no one.

For me, the Bio is the only way I can quickly identify how the fellow tweeple is and what kind of tweets is he supposed to publish.

What’s more? If you too have great bio, written on your Twitter Profile, then please share with us.