1. City CreatorCity Creator: Its time to create your own dream city, with some beautiful garden and eye-catching sky scrapers. You can have your own Ferrari parked outside your sweet little home. Once you have just created your dream city, you can then share your dream city among your friends.

2. Top 10 Worst Captchas: Are you feed up with all “Are you human???” test. Some ask to add two numbers and some ask you to enter the alphabets scribbled on the rusty image, all this make you feel irritated. Right? Author John Willis have collected such top 10 worst captchas, have a look at them.

3. Comic Strip -Survive: The comic strip titled “only one of us can survive” takes you through the sacrifice of a friend for the other one just for the silly reason that is to break the chain, but eventually train stops and both survive.

4. Strange food uses for everyday: Author list out some of the strange uses of the food items like, potatoes, cola, sugar, walnut, apple, beer, salt and many more.