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Wind Dam Project1. Wind Dam – To produce wind energy: A Londoner architect has built up a project for producing wind energy and is supposed to be better than conventional wind turbines. According to Laurie Chetwood, founder of Chetwood Associates architectural company, the wind goes around the turbines rather than through its turbines.

2. List: Top 10 Open Source Application: Grab the best products from the open source directory. Tadbit blog gives a list of top 10 open source softwares, with a aim to clear a myth about open source being of poor quality.

3. Four Tip For Fiction Writers: Guest FekketCantenel at writetodone.com claims that the narration is critical for establishing many elements, including scenary etc. To be a top fiction writer she gives four tips based on his own writing experience.

4. Amazing Useless Facts: Everyday we come across number of facts, that need to be memorized are of some use in our day to day life. However their exists some fact that have no significance in most of our life’s. The author explores such amazing but relatively useless facts.