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With the success of animation film “Hanuman” the Percept Picture Company and Microsoft have made a tie-up, to showcase film “Hanuman Returns” (a second part of series of animation film), on Microsoft XBox Live.

Microsoft XBox Live will be available in India on 5th of November, with a bunch of 360 game, educational content and also some video content to be included soon. Global president of Microsoft Entertainment said,

“We have just celebrated the first anniversary of Xbox 360 in the country this year and it is with a celebratory spirit that we offer our Indian consumers even more entertainment options on Xbox 360. This is not only a firm reiteration of our commitment to the Indian market but also an exciting foray into connecting our Indian consumers to a world of seven million Xbox LIVE members around the world.”

Microsoft has also tied-up with UTV, it means that users will have access to other already released but popular Bollywood content of UTV Film.

Note: Microsoft XBox Live is already available in 25 countries and India will be the 26th in the list.