1. Beetles Fight Fire: This page from Germany announce the development of the fire fighting beetle which is destined to extinguish fire in forest before they turn into disaster. The beetle fights the fire with an impulse appliance. In order to protect an area the size of the Black Forest (7,000 square kilometres) from fire, 30 insects would be sufficient.

2. Steps To Save Phones Dropped In Salt Water: The writer at discusswireless.com provides a list of ways to save a phone dropped in salt water. Although the list shows the basic points, but its worth reading.

3. Google In 2084: Have a look at this interesting visual of google future in year 2084. It shows that google gonna take up work to search the ex-spouses, give a satellite image of people you wanna spy and lots more…

4. 22 Annoying Things To Do On Elevator: A list of 22 pranks that can irritate others badly.