During last to last weekends I attended the seminar at IIT Bombay based on the above mentioned topic. The seminar was excellent and was worth attending. It was two day seminar as I mentioned in my previous post, and was conducted by the “EESA” community of the IIT Bombay. They made us familiar with the creation and working of the world number one super computer BlueGeneL produced by IBM.

            The site most mentioned at the seminar was the top500.org (the wonderful concept which I best understood was how the dual core generation took place. How the engineers and the excellent at the Intel gave a birth to new generation of computers called multi-core. I am thinking to write in detail about the mult-icore concept (on my understanding at the seminar) later on the blog.

            The speakers were all wonderful, the explained all concepts with the spices of enjoyment. The seminar also gave us the chance to be familiar with the campus and the student of the IIT Bombay. We visited the nearby “Powai Lake” and enjoyed the all around scenario.

            We all the four (who attend the seminar from our college), where the youngest at the seminar. And among them all I was the youngest as I am of 1988 and all three are of 1987. So its obvious that many concept where out of our reach so we slept during the speak time of Mr. Karmarkar, who was explaining something about the Mathematical approach towards the computer related problem solving.

            The facilities, venue, snacks, lunch where the excellent that anyone can at the small payment of Rs. 200. It was the fun and enjoyment correlated. Hats Off to the “EESA community members” of IIT Bombay.

           IIT Bombay EESA