Today after I have done my diploma and currently in the second year degree in computer engineering, if you ask me about the silly DOS commands, once or twice I will crunch my head and then say “shits yaar bhul gaya…?????”(Shit, I forgot). Doesn’t that sound funny? The same thing happen with my friend, “Ronald”. Today one of his friend called him and asked him for the DOS command used to copy the entire directory. He answered….” I think it’s CP,….no no………”, as I was sitting next to him he asked me the same question and I answered “COPY….no no…CP…no no….I suppose it is MD CP….no no”. And at end Ronald’s friend was left with answer “Please search on net”.

This made me realise my level of knowledge, and at the end of the day I decided to go through all DOS commands, use them, practice them and have a detailed knowledge of each and every command.

Here are some of the links that I used to study the DOS commands in detail along with basics.

  • ComputerHope – MS DOS Commands :- This site gives the excellent ideas about the DOS commands and there use. The site design is sleek, and provides a alphabatic ordering of the DOS commands. Also gives a good depth knowledge about the MICROSOFT-DOS.
  • Basic DOS Commands :-This web page will provide the pictorial view of the use of some basic DOS commands, most useful for beginners.

Have a knowledge of every minute thing you come across, so that if anyone ask you a simple question like “Do you know all DOS commands?”, you can proudly answer “YES”.

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