About five Months back I came up with the excellent post “Geek in Time Waster” this time too, I have collected the most excellent and the best time wasting games on the internet. Have a read at my this months selection of time wasting games…
Cursor Rally: Oh! what a game? Just make you focus on your cursor, It’s a small and graphic less game but pushes you on to hook, to control your cursor. You go on moving and moving around the laps and laps, and once you move out of a narrow track you are moved back to the start. Frankly speaking I was unable to go even for one lap with my cursor. Check what’s your control on cursor.

Mini Putt: A game making feel as if you are playing Pool on a golf field, it’s just something different. Many of you would have already played the game. This game requires bit logical thnking about the boundries and there relative push towards the ball. You have number of “Par” to play with. it just addicating game from addicting.com.

Guess The Place: It’s knowledge testing time at this site. It gives you a photo and asks for the name of the place.

Lucky Eights: This flash based throws poker into the already freaky mix of martial arts and organized sports. However, rather than contemplating probabilities and attempting to read poker faces, this Flash-based card game requires instantaneous reflexes and precision mouse clickage.

Sumo Sushi Soccer: It’s the one to one soccer with sumo wrestler. I rarely like this kind og games, but it takes the punch. I haven’t played this game much.

Block And Roll: A simple game that ask to fill all the blocks by rolling the plate. You have to do it as fast as possible. Have a play…

Dragon Fable: Here a monster battles to the casual audience. This flash based game will provide you with the olatform to create your creator. You can then visit any shops, acquire weapons and lots more, all that you can imagine.

Raiden X: A 2.75 MB game with an exclusive shooting style, is the best of it’s part. All we need to bear is the time required to load thisgame onto the browser, but it’s worth. It gives a break to 1980’s top scrolling shooter.

Tilt: A small game, that requires a mouse to balance the toy. Here i reached till level 9 and had ascore of 1661. Gotta try..

Brain Buster: This game is not for the brainless guys, it needs a really brain logic to play this game. Do you have have? If Yes? then try this game. else just carry on with previous games. It has problem on Reflexive, Probability, Spatial etc..

Check out this site for more games of the above kinds…

I Hope that you might have enjoyed my this month’s collection.