After a long time I am in the right mood to discuss something very enthusiastically. I headed towards this topic because from the last few days I was getting very angry even for a simple trouble situation.

AngerAngerDo you get angry all the time?If yes? then lets decide whether Anger is good or bad. Lets first try to define what is the anger?. As my basic understanding I would say that anger is name given to the unusual behaviour of human being. define it as “A strong feeling of displeasure or hostility.” They also says that it is a state of being mad. So are your mad? I am mad. The angry persons are most of the time considered as the useless ones who talks anything rubbish and has a no peace understanding. Many of our elders regularly say us that be away from getting angry, “The anger will eat you one day”.

Wikipedia says….

“Anger is an emotional response to a grievance; reak or imagine; past, present or future.”

Yes, they are true. Anger takes away all you have. When you get anry you humble-dumble all around, shout on others, throw some useful things and son on….all this just decreases the value of your image in others mind. The people began to talk gossip wrong statements about you and blames your nature and character. Thus making a huge loss of your image. So what would you do is stop being angry.

But how to do that? No Idea! But from my experience I can tell you is that you can start by staying calm and quite when you are angry. Just change the topic you are angry onShout or go at some different place, and try to avoid any unusual behaviour. Whenever someone speaks statement that you don’t like or feel like being angry, just don’t pay heed to that. All you can do when angry is start counting 1.2,3,4….. or start singing your favourite song. Remove all your anger by singing loudly and softly whatever you like. Some studies say that like other emotions, anger is also accompanied by phsiological and biological changes, which may cause increase in blood pressure, heart rate etc… So try your best to avoid anger.

The Barbara De Angelis says that….

“The more anger towards the past you carry in your heart, the less capable you are of loving in the present.”

It’s is not that you always need to hide your anger. Even if you try you won’t be able to completely fade the anger. Because getting angry is necessary for the survival it throws out powerful, aggressive feelings that make us again calm and protect from the attack. Some experts do say that anger itself isn’t bad, but the truth lies on how we handle it.

For furthur reading on Anger Management…

So hereafter, decide the way you will handle the Anger. Your decision will give you the answer that whether Anger is Bad or Good?
My answer is “Anger is good in front of most loved one and bad when on someone else.” because anger shows all our feelings which friend and loved ones can understand.

What’s your answer?