There is no need to tell you that who was Albert Einstein, and what he did. But let me tell you that the guy born at Ulm, in Wurttemberg (map showing it’s birth place) , Germany on March 14 1879, one of the most influential scientist of all time, had left the world today, i.e. on April 18 1955. at the age of 76 in Princeton, New Jersey. On this day, I am writing all about Albert, to rewind the glorious steps in the Albert Einstein’s life.

Albert Einstein, have changed number of schools in his life time, first he started schooling at Luitpold Gymnasium, because his family moved to Munich in Germany. and in the later stage of his life, he continued his education at “Aarau” in Switzerland. Then he became a teacher in physics and Mathematics. And later he acquired the diploma in 1901 and gained the citizenship at Swiss.

Later in 1905 he acquired his doctor degree, and then he radically transformed the concepts of space, time and gravitation with his Theory of Relativity. And if that was not enough, he introduced gravitation in a new way with general Theory of Relativity in 1915. Ironically, it was his work related to photo-electric effect that fetched him a Nobel Prize for physics in 1921. Here is the list of Honor awarded to Albert Einstein…..

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Albert Einstein received honorary doctorate degrees in science, medicine and philosophy from many European and American universities. He contributed to statistical mechanics by his development of the quantum theory of a monatomic gas and he has also accomplished valuable work in connection with atomic transition probabilities and relativistic cosmology.

He didn’t stop after his retirement and continued to devote it’s work towards the unification of the basic concept of physics, taking the opposite approach, to the majority of the physicist.

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This was what, I knew about Einstein and what I collected. This made me remember the huge work done by the Einstein. If you too have something to tell about Einstein the let me know.