Today, as I was in collage and busy with my project, I was unable to post something on usual time. Now I am back from the college and ready to say something.

Before, I start discussing about the title " Cup of Knowledge" let me take you back to your childhood, when you and your parents both went to the "Head Master" of the school, for your admission. At that time you were required to have a conversation with the master. right! Here I am going tell you about short conversation that took place between a child and the "Head Master" of the Blah, Blah School. The child was 15yrs Old with a sharp mind and was urging to get admission in the 10th Class. So he appeared before the "Master" to make conversation.

As soon as they sat down, the intelligent child started to impress his master, using his knowledge. There came in the hot tea for the young man, the master made an offer to the child for the tea, but the child was so absorbed with his own conversation, that he didn't replied. On the other hand the master started filling the cup of tea…….

All of sudden, he jumped up, reacting to the hot tea flooding over the table and dripping on to his legs. "Master" he shouted. "The cup is overflowing!"
But "Master" paid no attention and continued pouring the tea, spilling it on to the floor and then he replied, "So are you. Please come back when you are empty and in need of my teaching."

This story, gives a moral that keep your mind humble and open to new ideas. I asure you that doing this you will learn much more and continue to develop as human being.
Think of your brain as cup in the story. If you fill up with your ego, you will never get more knowledge into it.

An addition to all the above moral, I would like to also add one phrase said by Ray kroc, the founder of McDonald's…..

"When you are green, you will grow but when you ripen, you will rot and fall."

Note: The story is the enhancement of the para that I found in the back dated newspaper.