First of all, let me be clear, I am just trying to rewind my gain about programming languages in the last three years at my Institute. The post just revolve around  the programming languge, but doesn't descibe what it is? and how it was constructed?

Every morning, I get up I just think of the little C, compiler. On the first look you will say what a dummy, useless looking application it is, who the whack will be happy to work on it, but on the next moment if you, switch on your browser and search for the history of programming language, you will find no page without the mention of C/C++, preceded by the PL/I, FORTRON, COBOL, ALGOL and followed by ever growing Java, Visual Basic, Python, PERL, and more. The C also has a huge list of features, that you won't imagine, it has fine way of accessing the hardware functions, which makes it more worth while and C has also resulted in the build of Operating Systems.

Questions, Questions???
But before we deal with all this languages we should first know What actually languages are?, What was the motive behind the development of this heart taking languages? What made them so worth?, How did we got enormous benefit out of this languages.? Have you ever wondered to find the answers of this question, I assume NO? Because who cares of past and purpose, we just learn to get a good results out there in our final exams. Most of my colleagues do the same, they learn all the syntax rather than making a collective meaning of all of them, and without putting there efforts to design practice system.

Programs Controls the beasts called computers
For my assumptions, programming is something that was developed to bring out the better productivity out of the Computer (any Hardware based circuit). In the real sense we can assume that computers are the some sort of beasts that obeys all our commands. But the problem that aroused in the minds of the experts was how to give the orders to these computers. To achieve this, the phenomena of System Programming (SP), came into existence. Oh! Why the whack are you talking about System Programming in between, I am sorry, but without talking of the SP, i just can't move further in the explanation of the programming. System Programming itself is the base of the development of programming languages, SP includes assemblers, loaders, compilers, operating system, file system etc.This terms were new to me at the start, but I got familiar with these terms by having some diggs in wikipedia and Google.

Become the "Master(Boss)" of the computer…
As a programmer, we have number of languages to work program on, but what lead to the innovation of this many languages? Every language is for different purpose with the same algorithmic nature. HTML is used to put our values and expression on the Internet in the forms of pages, whereas Visual Basic has the purpose of building a interactive application for the user.This is what the languages are. We use the languages to give commands to the CPU, and force it to work like a slave in the way we want it, actually by the medium of languages we are becoming the "masters(Boss)" of this computers. The ability of being a master of the computer was encouraged since the invention of Charles Babbage’s difference engine, which was made to execute tasks by changing the gears, that further makes the calculation.

Worth and Benefit
Now, it's time to get know what is the worth of this languages, what amount of benefit did we got out of this languages. Both of questions stand on different poles with the inter-relation that if you get benefit out of that language then and then only you can determine how worth it is.
When talking of benefit of the programming languages, I will say just surf around the web, on the sites like Google, all Blogging sites, sites with AJAX,, the latest technology YouTube, all this are the results of the programming languages that have just enhanced the Internet from the basic HTML to the heart taking look and interface. Why talk only about the Internet, what about the application like MS office, Photoshop, Corel Draw, messengers, and browsers, this too are the results of the programming language, where the programmer uses only a simple text editor to write these big programs. Aren't all the things mentioned above worth to you, what happens if there is no MS Office, what if Google shuts all it's services, what if no Blogging, would that made possible to share our Ideas and thoughts?, absolutely No. The enormous amount of the facility we obtain from the Internet and the Desktop application is the result of the programming languages.

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What about Project PicMan?
PicMan, my final year project, is dwindling with the design, I just need to grab up the look of the forms of my project and need to gather and optimize the code. Hope, I can do all this today.