Before starting the discussion about the google's future, let make one thing clear, I am not any expert in the analysis of the google, nor I am any future predictor, who can tell what the google will be in the near future, I am just done to make some fun of the google, and express my small minds thought or say imagination on the google, the web search giant.

Google already have the bucket of services for the it's internet users to play with, every internet user will at least visit, 10 times a day. I think I am saying a very little, we frequently and rapidly use Google services, even a child of 5-8 year knows what is Google and what is it's purpose. Here I collected all the people's saying on the future of the Google,

What the Image says?

Without giving much more explanation, I will just take you to the picture below, which will give you the idea of where will be Google in the near future. Just type “keys lost" and see what happens….

Wasn't that interesting! Hope Google comes with this kind of service in the near future. Thanks to for this picture.

What the experts say?
On the first January of this month, published it's new article on net, heading "Imaging the feature of Google", where the author have discussed 3 to 4 scenario's describing the feature of Google. A short statement from that article………..

By 2020, They-Who-Were-Google had digitized and indexed every book, article, movie, TV show, and song ever created. By 2060, they could tell you the IP address and GPS location of every wireless smart chip (now bred into the DNA of every person, animal, and organic building on earth). Their psychographic profiles of users' search needs bore little resemblance to the primitive cookies from which they descended. If a man lost his dog, the Google engine could guide him back to the point where he and the dog parted ways, and instruct the dog to do the same via smart chip. They had built a complete database of human desire, accurate in any given moment.

So from now, just keep your eye to the year 2020, when there will be no need to remember any thing, if you lost any object, just key it in a Google search and get that object.
After reading the above statement, I just began to think of the data storage required for having a complete database of human desire. I just can't imagine about that, but the blogger jainanshul have put a post showing the future data storage of the Google. For all this data to store Google will require a huge disk space, anshul gives the picture for the data storage required by Google…..

Thanks to anshuljain for the image.

Till now, I talked about what the Google, will be in the future, with a very little explanation with the help of images and experts, but before expecting all this from the, the guys at Google have to work out hard to solve the bugs in the Google web search and put all it's services from beta to the released full versions. When talking of bugs, I remember the bug in the Google web search with international domains, that was found last week [I suppose]. I have covered a short article about this bug over here. And the next way when talking of beta's in the Google service, most of the services like Google analytics, writely, Google book search, Google Personalized home page, Search History( Personalized Search), and more….. It is dam sure that google will move all it's services out of the beta soon, but the question is when will it do so?
I have also heard that Google currently indexes only one third of it's web, so thinking of the future in the manner we discussed above (with some funny pictures), will be bit hard for the Google to achieve.
But who knows what's next? Google may achieve it, with it's way of releasing new service every morning, or may not achieve it due to it's beta services, small bugs, and bit of hatred as it was observed in the story of

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