Playing the games on Internet was considered to be time wasting, but was not called the time waster, but now we call it time waster and we play the games just for the fun.

What needs to be geek in the time wasting games?

Lot and lot of time is required, but the time while not only do, you should also have the powerful skill to make yourself the geek in this kind of games, this games are small, but are very very confusing. A good presence of mind is required to be the geek in this kind of games. Below I have given a short list of the time wasting games.

Any web site you visit, you will atleast find, one post that is dedicated to the "Today's Time Waster". It seems that we have lot more time to waste. I used to pay no attention to those time waster and never made a try on them. But this morning, I was bit bored of everything around me, so I went trying them. I played many of these time waster and it was a real time wasting experience, so to share my experience with you. I have made a collection of some the time wasters around the net.Find the Bug

Find the Bug: No it is not the race to find the bug in your operating system or any other software, but it is race to find a difference between two pictures, you need lot's of time to distinguish between the two figures.

Flow:Check out this Flash game from Jenova Chen! Flow has great gameplay based on the theories of psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. If you've never taken the time to read Csikszentmihalyi's Flow, it's worth a look. It's an interesting way of looking at interactive design in general and game design in particular. The whole bunch of write up on this game is over here.

Foul Words
: Arranging the entire alphabet into words is something we do every day, most of us can do it without much thought, but when you are actually forced to come up with 8, 13 or 20 words out of only 8 letters that are produced by chickens, things start to get a bit…

Geek Fighter: Battle your way to become king of the geeks.

SushiSamurai: A smart flash game, which is the remake of arcade classic BurgerTime. If you are familiar with BurgerTime you will take sushi in no time.

Gravity: This is an addictive little game, you use the arrow keys to move your space-ship around. You have various missions to accomplish, there’s a little clip at the beginning of each mission to help you out. When you start having to land upside down things get pretty tricky.

Bunty Hunt: Shoot the bunnies.

Cursor Theft: This is a quick distranct, see what happens when you trust people with your cursor.

WordCoil: This is a game which includes both the crossword and word search. Starting with the first letter of a word in a grid of letters, you find the rest of the word coiling inside the grid, connected, but not moving in one direction.

Ninjai: The Little Ninja is a mini online series. It follows the adventures of a little ninja and his friend little bird. You have to watch it from the beginning, there are 12 episodes, well worth the time.

Rainbow: For those of you to young to remebr Rainbow I'll give you a quick re-cap. Rainbow was ITV's answer to Sesame Street. This is a quote from the producer of the show "Rainbow aimed to entertain and educate, to stimulate children's imagination and to widen their experience." I never remenbered it being this way, but it would explain a lot about my
education …

Bloody Rage: Have you ever wanted to see optmus prime duke it out with Freddy
Krugger, well here's your chance. Play this street-fight style game and choose your character from people like Jason, Freddy, Ken, Optums Prime, Spiderman, Goku, Yoda, Lara Croft, Superman and more …

Phosphor: is a multi-player 3D shooter that runs in your browser, thanks to the Macromedia Shockwave browser plug-in. The game is currently in beta, but looks pretty darn impressive when you get it up and running.

Baja: This is similar to PacMan, here you have to avoid a car, while collecting flags to clear stages.

Fire Fighter: In this game, a buildings on fire and you have to save the people stuck
inside. They will jump off the building and you have to bounce them
into the ambulance

TagMan: t is nothing more and nothing less than a hangman game, using tags. You can choose from Technorati, Squidoo,, or Flickr.

Funky Truck: It's more like driving a Flash-based approximation of Motocross. That old side-scrolling physics toy made into a game, reborn again in Flash form. One arrow goes backward, the other goes forward, and if you roll over you're as stuck as a turtle in the mud

Gravitiy: This is an addictive little game, you use the arrow keys to move your space-ship around. You have various missions to accomplish, there’s a little clip at the beginning of each mission to help you out. When you start having to land upside down things get pretty tricky.

N SiteofTheDay: This is a puzzle type game, where you have to collect all the coins to complete the level

Bridge Builder: is an oldie but a goodie. The idea
of this freely downloadable game is to complete each level's challenge, which is to build a bridge strong enough to allow a train to pass over it without the bridge collapsing.

Pong (Massive Multiplayer): Pong is about as simple as games get, but what if 30 people are trying to control the paddle at once? That's the premise of Massively Multiplayer Pong, a Flash game in which you and a few dozen other people play an endless game of pong against a few dozen other people, but with only two paddles and one ball

Curve Ball: This is bit of a bat and ball game based on Pong.

Bamzooki: It is intended for kids. However, just as Homer did, adults can play at this game too. You create Zooks, or little critters.

I know the list has only a 1% of total time wasters on net, but now I am tired of collecting all this, and now need a rest. But If you can add more to this list then go ahead and put it in comment. Don't forget to drop your favourite time wasters in comment box.