We are living a good life, a huge technological advancement have taken place, and provided a great lists of comforts. We as engineer, scientist or simple human being view the life as it is and experience it’s ups and down day after day, we never thought of what the poets around the world are thinking of the life. Here are my some favourite poems, thoughts and defination of life.

Defination of Life:
Life is a multi-faceted concept that may refer to the ongoing
process of which living things are a part or the period between
fertilisation or mitosis and death.

Actually to believe ther is no universal agreement on the defination of the life.

“Life is a tragedy for those who feel, and a comedy for those who think.”


A rich man burst into laughter,
And said, “Money is life”.
A poor man shivering with cold
Said, “Life is a struggle”.
In spring the bird sitting on a tree.
Said, “Life is a blooming flower”.
A soldier standing in a battle field with gun
Said, “Life is a battlefield”.
A sparrow flying freely in the sky twittered,
And said “freedom is life:.
But I say life is an Unsolved Mystery

My Friend Say on Life: “Live the Life Fully”

My Say on Life: “We don’t live the life on our acceptance, but we are made to live the life, since our birth, which makes life more interesting”

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