SMSEvery morning before your Bed Tea, you get number of SMS saying Good Morning, and when a half the day have just passed, you get some good greetfull messages, and at the late night, your friend knocks the door through SMS and says Good Night…Here I collected some of the SMS of sent to me by My friends and cousins….

The beauty of the life does not depend on how happy you are, but on how happy others are because of you


Angels can fly, not because of their wings, but because they have no burdens in their hearts. Leave everything to God and you will fly like an Angel ! 

Hi Moon! Dim your light….
Hello Wind! breeze soft….
Hi Flower! blossom slowly…
Hello Earth! Spin Gently…
because my friend is gonna sleep…
Good Night

Science has proven that sugar dissolves in Water. Thank God you don't have habit of talking bath, else I would have lost my sweet friend.