Google BugThe no. 1 web search engine have a bug with the interenational domain, as said by the "Philipp Lenssen" on his blog, When you click on the top result shown by this search you will find that your browser gives the message file-not-found, that too only when you are logged in and using the firefox browser. If you copy the same URL shown on the top result of the search, you will find that it works. The site [] have given a brief description about this poor bug…..

Of course the guys at Google are smart, so they encoded the url parameter. Did they right? Not exactly. In internationalized domain names the special chars are not resolved like URL params. They have their own logic system, e.g. gábor means xn--gbor-5na for nameservers. So when you try to reach an URL like above, Firefox will notice you kindly that „Firefox can’t find the server at” And it’s got the point. It really doesn’t exist. So folks remember to use URL encoding carefully, do not encode domain names, only their GET parameters.