The Bad luck knock the door early in the morning and push me into the hell at least for one day, all things were going on the wrong track from the moment I got up to the moment I am writing this sad post, all of what I can do now is wait for the next sunrise and hope that the upcoming day brings a small happiness for me.
The bad luck was boomed when, I was unable to find my presentation file just 2 min before the presentation. All of the sudden I redesigned my presenation file within 15min. During this 15min I was given a back support from my friend Sagar who took over the seminar and kept it on till next fifteen minutes. Later on even when I cam in I was just unable to deliver what I was considered to be, actually was in the anger mood with a short smile indicating a laugh to myself, saying that how stupid I am who can’t even handle a single file?. It was just a terrible day, I can’t express what I am feeling now, but I can repeat the slogan said by my friend….

“Har ek ke naseeb mein sab sukh nahi hote..”

meaning that “every single person doesn’t have all the happiness with him”. Hope everything goes well on the next sunrise……
Just change the theme, fo having some change around me…

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    On this sad day, I have tracked down a blog at It’s intersting…Watch out.