This morning when I just clicked on the bookmark that was suppose to take me to the Blog Mad User Control Panel. It rather than behaving as usual, it showed a smooth text message….

Invalid query "SELECT id, password,email FROM members where email=''"

Table './blogmad/members' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failedCookie is invalid!!

I thought browser cookie are disturbed, so I just deleted the cookies of the blog mad in my browser and then again went to the Home Page of The HomePage loaded correctly and was working fine. I then clicked on Login tab and entered my e-mail address and password…but all of the sudden, it again showed me a error…

Invalid query "SELECT id FROM members WHERE email='' and password='*****************************'"

Table './blogmad/members' is marked as crashed and last (automatic?) repair failed

Login Failed!

Click here to try again

Note: * represents some number that I thought if displayed can crack out my password, so I replaced them with astreiks(*).
So I thought, I have entered the Invalid wrong login information, so I verified it , but then the blog mad showed the same error's, I think BlogMad must have been started with name BlogMad alpha edition. I then when on to surf for the "VARB" link from my blog's sidebar, but the error was again a long list of SQL queries, It was just a troublesome, I tried refreshing, I reconnect the net, but the results were same…I think today it was double credit day, since when I last logged in, there about 4Hrs remaining for the double credit to start (I am not sure of that). I think that BlogMad have started making April Fool pranks….

Have anyone found such a trouble, or I am only the culprit?