I have kept blogging from the last month and so, I do read some of the bloggers blogs, today I thought of posting something that I read on other blogs, so here are some of the posts from other bloggers that I liked…

Amazing Pic
Author madhur shows the amazing pic of the camels in the desert, the pic is pictured from such a position and angle that it makes difficult to understand which is camel and which is shadow.

Some tips and tricks if there would have been no mouse
The men chronotron have done a excellent job of sorting out the keyboard shortcuts to use if the there is no mouse around to work.

Puppy Linux
Introduces to the puppy linux at www.puppylinux.com

Bird Flu Cartoons
The author neeraj at thout.less.ness shows some of the birdflu e-mails that he received through via e-mail.

Here I will en down. so do read the posts above they are fantastic from my point of view, hopes that you to rate it good.

Note for the author of blogs I have referred to If you all thinks that I am wrongly pointing out to your posts then please tell me off and I will surely do the needful.