Getting messed up with the syntax of all the languages you
learn is not common, I too get a bit messed when i perform coding in VB for and
longer time and then for another new project required switching to C/C++. I
don’t know anything about the languages Java, C#, VB,net and more of that kind.
I try to learn but end up with the time limit, a lot of time is passed in the
college and lot in traveling to and from the college and home. I and all my
classmates nearly spend 6Hrs. in a lectures and practical with a break of 1
Hour in between. The hell would be better then this.

Oh! Sorry we were talking of the programming language C/C++. This evening
there was no friend online to chat around, no gossip in the news column, so I
was bored and wanted to do something interesting. So I started communicating
with the old Turbo C++ compiler and editor.
Conversations went on……

Me: Good Evening
TC: #define Good Evening

With this answer I got bit afraid that why the hack it is
talking in the syntax form, can’t it leave away the codes, literals, syntax
away for a time bieng.

Me: So how do you feel? When everyone around say that you have become outdated and are of no use.
TC: (It silently moved the pointer around) I am not dead and still alive, I
have been used in number of institues to teach students the basic of the
language. All the successfully C/C++ programmers have come up using me only.

Me: So where does your brain lies?
TC: My brain lies in my creator; he carefully designed so as to provide
quick and efficient high level programming. I just salute my creator.

Me: So what difference do you find in your succeeding robust version Borland
TC: Even though my succeeding version is good enough from editing point of
view, but it lacks the features such as speed and highly convenient
IDE(Integrated Development Environment) feature.
That’s why I still believe in using Turbo compiler at basic

Me: So how do you feel when, anyone puts command like printf , scanf, cout,
TC: There nothing uncommon feeling, the main motive for me is to work 24/7 and
serve a good workout for the programmers and learners.

Me: When do come under your bad most state?
TC: When the programmer goes in continuous loop.

Me: What do you say when the Divide by zero error occurs?
TC: I think it is wrong, my designer have created a wrong concept because
according to website ZerobyZero

I read out the article at above link and concluded that it
was not more than a stupidity. There person seem to explain all the operation
with zero and zero, but I found all of them cranky.
On this conclusion I made the expression OoooooHhhhhh!!! to the complier and
then compiler replied that it was just joke. Now came the moment of laughter
and I was out of boring mood. So thanks to the Turbo C++ compiler for make me