Sunday! Aah the day of rest and enjoyment. Today i am going to study a lot as I have periodicals on Monday, so no fun for me on sunday’s, but before I switch off the PC and start studying, I would like to give me yesterday’s surfing list…
A must read topic (Essay on FireFox Fanboyism) on Topic Starts with…


Common sense, in the computing world, tells you to use whatever program you feel best accomplishes the goal you are trying to obtain. No one tool is perfect for everyone on any single goal, but they all manage to come together and cover a vast majority of users out there. Those who still feel jilted, usually program their own stuff, as I am still slowly doing with NexPad. It’s a nice idea, but it’s being trampled on by the immature…..more.

A person displays his hate list in regard with the google services. I read it yesterday and found interesting, hope you to will find good. 25 Things I Hate About Google

Stupid Technology Pics: This are some of the photos that I received via a e-mail from one of friend.
Just check it out and you will to say that, technlogy of this kind is stupid. This photos can also found at forums. 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06.

A good wrote up for the programmers at jaortega’s blog. Go get a list of free software downloaded directly on to desktop at bothack’s blog.

PIxrat: Watch out this site to bookmark your photos as you bookmarks your favourite webpage on

I should stop now, and go bact to studies…….