This morning when I visited the Google home page, I found a sudden change in the logo. My first thought was that I have incorrectly typed the URL and have reach to some faulty site. But later when I confirmed and found that I was on correct web page and got a clear view that google had changed it’s logo/banner.

This new logo seems to be out of colourful mood and make us believe that we are surfing around the Internet jungle. [Edit:] Then from the fellow comments I realised that the new logo is just been changed to celebrate St.. Patrick’s Day. [Edit Ended]
Yahoo, the rival of the Google search engine, will also undergo the changes soon. It will redesign it’s front page to make it’s search engine more prominent according to Jonathan Berr’s article on .
After a long gap of about 2 years Yahoo is going to change it’s home page design. He (Jonathan Berr) says that the changes at Yahoo! would put tabs for the My Yahoo! content reader and email on the left side of the screen and large icons for popular features such as email and weather on the right side, also the tabs for news, sports and financial news would be in the center of the page, below the search box, which would be next to the company’s logo.
I too found the logo of Yahoo have undergone a bit change, with greenary at the bottom, but later on I found out that Yahoo is celebrating the St. Patrick’s Day.

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