The CommonWealth Games in Melbourne have kicked off yesterday and all the sports person over there are set to go. Queen Elizabeth II opened the 18th
Commonwealth Games in Melbourne today at a ceremony featuring
fireworks and much more lights.
All the Indians Sports persons were dressed up in the colourfull clothes, rather than being a casual, because on the same day there was Holi festival here in India. So to enjoy the fruits of Holi in foreighn contries they put up with the colourful clothes

On this topic when I read the newspapers the Heading was being read as….
“The Commonwealth Games kicked off on Wednesday and India smiled through the shame.”
Wasn’t that line underestimating, it was horrible to read out such a headline from one of the Indian Newspaper. The newspaper instead should give courage to the sports star and facilate them to show there capability.
You can get a good update of what’s going on in CommonWealth Games at Melbourne on Site