Today I got lots of open source software’s CD’s from my friend, He had downloaded most of the open source softwares from the net and have then compiled on to the CD’s.

and more…

After reaching home I scanned through the CD’s and installed the softwares that I liked. As there were number of CD’s. The main trouble that I found while scanning through the CD’s was that I was made to change the CD one after the another again and again. All though the problem of changing the CD’s is common and seem to have no other solution. At that time just completed installation of all my favourite softwares from all the CD’s available.
Later on when I sat down in silent and began to think about the trouble that I have faced while surfing through the CD”s, my mind got bit shake and seem to have found a solution. At that time I was not clear that whether this solution will be perfect or not, but went on thinking more on that. Below is description about what i thought in lone enviornment. (I have tried to put here all that I have recalled about my idea)…..

The idea was to have a carrier that holds a deck of CD’s and which is built in parallel with the CD ROM. It will have a facility to carry 5 to 15 CD’s at a time and when a particular CD is required to be run, the carrier would send the specified CD directly to the CD ROM and take back the previous CD in CD-ROM into the deck.

At first when it is handed with the collection of CD’s, the software preapred for this kind of CD handler will automatically scan all the CD’s one by one and then put a CD contents and title information in a database or will show it to us. So that we can use that information to select a CD from the Carrier deck. A good software can be made to provide us the flexibility of the hardware of this kind.

After reading my above idea you will be saying that it is dumpy and useless, nevermind I just wrote it what I thought.