Today coming back after a day gap, here i have found the list of some crack sites that you must see to know that people can go mad till what extent.

World Jump Day: This site gathers all the people and ask all of them to jump at a same time. You have to be the member of that site and then they send you a alert e-mail which gives you the information about when the next world jump will occur. Isn’t that funny, you should visit it and then you will find it more funny.

Secret Conspiracy World Government : The writer of this site looks like saying hello to thousands of people and welcome you back from the summer vacation. But what the funny is that there title is Secret Conspiracy World Government. The seem to make somekind of secret government. I tried to read this sites article number of times, but was unable to understand anything, may you succed.

Big Brother: They say that government and corporation are taking our freedoms and privacy. The site also describes that the three slogans of the party (political) are
War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength.

I put this site on the crank list because I found the above slogans bit real and bit funny.

Free Energy: This people are supplying great deal of articles on the free energy. But I know anly onething that “Amount of Energy in Universe remains constant”. So how would they give talk of having free energy. Visit this one too for having free electricity.

Proof Paranormal: So now this family can show you the proof of the ghosts. They are the paranormal invetigators from Indiana. They say that the business and residential investigation are free of charge. So go early to them get proof for ghost at your house. Will you???
Visit this site that shows you the real proof of existance of ghosts and angels. Click here.

Now I will stop giving more crack sites, b’coz I have just visited the above listed and sites and got a bit crack, so I will give more crack site after I return back to normal. Oh God Sorry! I have made you also crank by making you to visit above links.