Yesterday evening when I was watching out for the Ubuntu Live on the computer, I got stuck. There something wrong behind the screen that created real trouble for me. I scrolled here and there for the solution but found nothing. There was a boot problem in my previous window XP. All my work halted there, I searched for the Windows XP Bootable CD. But found it after half an hour. Then I began install fresh XP, all that resulted in loss of my passwords, installed softwares, e-mails and more… I got sad and was hot enough to kill anyone who comes in front of me. That was real real hectic situation.

I then began to install the fresh XP. It took around half and hour and my XP was live. Again, to get really live and be on the Ideas spot I wanted a immediate net connection. I was short of the Modem drivers. So I called my ISP provider who have provided me the Modem. He replied with the sweet pack of the driver after 21 Hrs, that was about 7 P.M today, till that time I was just offline and was thinking that how I made that silly mistake.

After I got drivers, I real wanted to get online and post something new. I installed my browser (this time I am getting switched to Firefox rather then Opera) and then, I installed my messenger and got online.