Just after the sun rise, my eyes began to open slowly and in between my mobile scheduler alerted me saying that today I have to attend the seminar at Bandra, arranged by Microsoft under the “Microsoft Academy Day” program. There tag line was “Rock the Gyan”. I was really not interested to go there, but as being an upcoming engineer I considered it of value and went on to attend the seminar.

My presence at the seminar was just like a smooth air coming in and going out without the notice. But the speakers presence was of prime importance. So take a glimpse to what happened in Rock the Gyan.
The seminar was hosted by someone Mr. Tejas, he at first called upon the CEO of CSI (Computer Science of India). He explained us what the CSI was build up for and why as a student we shall join it. The point that I remember fout of his addressing was that, he said that in most of the colleges the communication skill, that concept of dealing with the left side of the brain is not been taught in the colleges, which results into the un capable engineers. I do agree to his views, but only till some extent. Because it can’t be true for each and every college.

In later session we heard to Mr. Ganesh who was representing the MS Learning Centre of India situated in New Delhi. He gave us the glimpse about the employment need of the India till 2009. He also explored all the certification courses that Microsoft provides. More or Less I found his seminar bit boring, but was valuable.

Then came in the men behind the language C/C++. Yes I am talking about Mr. Yashwant KanetkarYashwasnt Kanetkar and his associate Asang Dani brought us from the traditional Turbo C/C++ to the newly developed Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition. He did used some interesting example to explain us the actual benefits of using newly developed COM API buildup.The interesting part of there seminar was the use of funny images on one side screen in correspond to the learning slides on other side.

Next came in the just graduated guy, I called him a guy because I don’t know his name. What he explained was an overview of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition.

He showed us various demos of the subparts of the VS 2005 Express and made us clear that how the new VS can help developer to develop more efficient programs easily.

In between the session they asked the questions related to technology, and announced that if you answer those questions then you will be overwhelmed with the Microsoft Windows Vista and Longhorn Beta version CD. I did got one of the answer right, which brought me in Vista and Longhorn both.

I really enjoyed the seminar, and would express my view that if this kind of seminar are held at least twice or thrice a year then it will bring up the minds of (i.e thinking level) of Indian students to a good mark.