Got bored with Yahoo, Gmail? Check out for the Goowy Web Site. Goowy is the web based E-Mail provider. It will soon include IM and File Storage features. It’s main speciality is the Flash based interface.
Features of Goowy
I was unable to use the flash based interface as I am currently using low capacity PC. I used the simple text based support, I found it fantastic. It is different from the regular e-mail provider like Google, Yahoo, Rediffmail. It also have supports for different widgets. It had worked bit slow on my PC as I was having low speed connection. But on overall I will say that it is something different that one should try.
Goowy do provide a Desktop client. The Goowy website says that..

” The Goowy Desktop Client is the perfect compliment to the online Goowy experience. It exposes Macromedia Flash on the desktop with widgets for RSS, Google Search, Google Local, Flickr, IceRocket Blog Search, Games–and it seemlessly integrates with Goowy for instant notification of new e-mails and upcoming calendar events.”

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