Whenever I use the keyboard I think of the person who developed this, why did he shuffled all the alphabets and put them randomly on the board? The keyboard we use is generally called as QWERTY keyboard, because the first six alphabets on the keyboard are Q,W,E,R,T,Y.
What would have been the reason that he didn’t arranged all the alphabets according to there occurrence? Some says that the keyboard is designed, in such a manner that none of our fingers get’s stuck to each other while typing. I do agree that our fingers don’t get stuck while typing. But in reality these keyboard alphabet were arranged late in 1900’s to make it hard to type for a specific odd reason and it has not been changed since then.
I think the keyboard should be revised by placing all the frequently used in keys at easily accesible location and then we would have faster keyboard. Also Inventors should think of combining frequently used key combination into a single key. Like wise if we can combine Ctrl+Alt+Del key into a single key then it would be helpful. If there could be a paper holder of about 8″ by 10″ across the keyboard for data entry, it would be great. In the current speedy generation the faster we can work more work gets done in less time.
I went on searching on the net for the history about the invention of the keyboard and encountered this links…

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