Think of the time when we won’t be charged for registering the domain, and for accessing the net. Won’t that be the real internet. Till date nearly half of the part of the net is free, which has been possible only due to some good organisation and the sponsors. The internet had become the most featured advertising media, and further development in this section may lead to “Free Net” all around the world.
What would be the scenario at that time? Whenever a new guy (that has no knowledge of the net) will register a fresh domain instead of registering the e-mail service at first. But till the time the newbie comes in, the domains available will be like x294, x8y7d5 etc. So again it would be out of mood and then again we would be thinking of the next advancement on the net. But achieving the “Free Net” mark all around the world will be the biggest achievement.
If the entire net was made free, then there would have been no difference between our computer and the network, we would have interfaced like as if we are interfacing the desktop elements. There will be no telephone connection any where around the world, we won’t have to deal with international call charges. Now would have to stop thinking about the dream of the “Free Net”, because more I will dream, more I will feel sad as I am been paying lot to my ISP provider.