This days, I am very busy with the journal works and can hardly find time to get on to the net and surf around. Even though by sparing little bit of time, I find the Online Presentation site on the Net.
                ThumbStack       ThumbStackEditor
Week ago, I reviewed the Online Spreadsheet by iRows. This week I went searching for the Online Presentation builder and what I found was the interestingly emerging website This installment on the web have just started. ThumbStacks can be used to create and edit slides and also allows us to view the slide shows directly in our web browser. Once completed we can share the presentations, modify it, and can even “publish” it. After you publish you will get a unique URL for that presentation so that you can easily share it with anyone. ThumbStacks supports all Firefox and Internet Explorer and the presentation can be viewed on any modern browser . It is easy to navigate in the presentation by just using the arrow keys. Thumbstack is still in Alpha (Before Beta), so expect little more improvement.
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