I got stucked on to the krugle.com when I was notified from other blogs about the search engine. But later found that it is in beta version and hence I am waiting eagrly for the day 8th March 06 when they would bring krugle to live. Krugle name reminds of Google Search Engine. Krugle will allow users to quickle search for the codes and technical information at very quick speed.

Krugle will keep apart from other search engines by “allowing developers to annotate code and documentation, create bookmarks and save collections of search results in a tabbed workspace. Saved workspaces have unique URLs, so developers can send an entire collection of annotated code to a co-worker just by e-mailing a link.” as quouted at Wired.

Krugle Screenshots:

I have already registered at Krugle beta.You can be next to sign up for the Kruggle, To know more about krugle view the product information page.